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What is Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling is a specialized form of relationship support designed to help couples prepare for marriage. It's an opportunity to explore your relationship dynamics, identify strengths and growth areas, and develop skills to navigate challenges together. Our approach focuses on proactive communication, conflict resolution, and building a solid foundation for a lifetime of love and partnership.

Utilizing Prepare and Enrich Curriculum

As part of our premarital counseling program, we utilize the renowned Prepare and Enrich curriculum. Developed by leading relationship experts, Prepare and Enrich is a comprehensive assessment tool that helps couples gain insight into their relationship dynamics, strengths, and areas for growth. Through personalized feedback and exercises, you'll deepen your understanding of each other and lay the groundwork for a thriving marriage.

Foundations for Forever: Preparing Hearts for Marriage

Congratulations on taking the first step toward building a strong and fulfilling marriage! I believe that preparing for marriage is just as important as maintaining it. With specialized premarital counseling services, I'm here to help you and your partner navigate the exciting journey ahead.

I offer more than just traditional counseling. I provide personalized marital coaching services tailored to your unique needs and goals. As a licensed marriage and family therapist and AAMFT Supervisor in Training, I bring years of experience and expertise to guide you through this transformative process.


What to Expect

During our 6 session format, we'll explore a range of topics including communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, financial management, and future goals. Through guided discussions, interactive exercises, and practical tools, you'll learn valuable skills to enhance your connection and resolve challenges as a team.

My Approach

I take a collaborative and strengths-based approach to premarital counseling. My goal is to empower you and your partner to build a resilient and fulfilling relationship that stands the test of time. Whether you're newly engaged or planning to tie the knot soon, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Take the Next Step

Ready to invest in your relationship and build a strong foundation for marriage? Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our premarital counseling services. Together, we'll embark on a journey of growth, connection, and lasting love.

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