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What's a Freedom Seeker??

Hi there my wonderfully necessary and vividly unique ray of light.

Thank you for coming today. Thank you for showing up as you are. Thank you for seeking more from yourself. Thank you for being willing to learn and to grow even though the path ahead may not be clear. You are a freedom seeker, though you may not feel like that yet and you may not embody every affirmation I just shared with you. It doesn’t mean you can’t. You’ve already made the first choice, the first step to finding freedom from within.

That’s what being a freedom seeker is all about. It isn’t about being perfect or even living a perfect life rather it’s about taking the time to find ways to free yourself no matter how big or small. Freedom requires effort and demands patience. It might take you a while to escape from the unhelpful “rules of life”, misaligned values, external expectations, and the inner bully that has kept you caged for far too long.

And that’s okay, the only race towards freedom that matters, is your own!

As a freedom seeker I ask that you do three things:

1. Be patient with you, the mental blocks you face did not happen overnight.

2. Be open to be the perfect embodiment of imperfection. It’s the only “perfect” state that freedom requires.

3. Be willing. Whatever comes your way new strategies, different possibilities, opportunities to fail or succeed.

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