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Parent Talks

Are you tired of fighting with your teen or tween? Have the constant arguments led to parental fatigue and burnout Have you wanted to just throw in the towel. 




The Parent Talk workshops are small workshops designed with real parents in mind. Each workshop covers a different problem area in order to help you effectively navigate challenging issues with healthy solutions.  and provides you with hands-on real skills to utilize during  

Feb 04, 2017

Everyone is talking but, who's really listening?

Mindful Listening-Workshop One

Communication is a two-way street and it begins with listening mindfully. In this workshop with will explore ways to improve listening. You will learn how to become a more effective listener with your teen.

Feb 11, 2017

When to React, When to Respond

Cool, Calm, Collected-Workshop Two

Reaction is a necessary tool for survival but, can stunt the growth and development of thriving family. This workshop we will delve into more adaptive ways to respond to issues between parent and teen. Learn how to keep from losing your cool and damaging the relationship with your child. 

May 28, 2023

Own it, model it, build it.

The Respect Factor-Workshop Three

We all value it, desire it, and want our children to foster it but, many of us have a hard time articulating exactly what respect is or how to demonstrate it for our teens. This workshop will lay the ground work for a more respectful relaitionship between you and your child. Prepare to challenge some of your own beliefs, and 

Jan 01, 2020

Who said talking was easy? Well I could be.

Express Yourself

So your teen is doing it again, not understanding what you are trying to say. Seems like the hundreth time you have explained something only to find that it was completely ignored. 

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