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Happy Couple 101
Happy Couple 101
Time TBD
CEO Factory

a support group for men of color

This group is for men of color who have a history of strained intimate and family relationships. My goal is to help you improve your relationships and embrace the power of being vulnerable.


If you are like a lot of men, you might not have been given the tools to  be emotionally open. It is likely that your relationships have suffered because of this.  You might find yourself on the losing end in love.  Perhaps you keep finding yourself at odds other people, experiencing constant arguments with your significant other, shutting down when things get too emotional, feeling guarded and protective of your own emotions, and sometimes not trusting how you feel.  

Join me for an interactive and intensive 8 week journey into emotional growth and self-development.

In this group you will:

  1. Support and empower other men in the group while getting the support and empowerment you need

  2. Discuss challenges that are causing worry, stress, anxiety, or anger within your relationships

  3. Learn to let go of past resentments and create healthy boundaries in your relationships

  4. Build positive coping skills by increasing your ability to navigate changes

  5. Increase ability to express emotions


Ultimately, this group will help you broaden what it means to express and embrace your emotional self as a black men in this  society. Fill out the form below and start your journey. 




Group Begins:  May 21st at 6pm EST 


Costs: 6 weeks/ $25 per session billed at once

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